A bettor’s guide to getting an edge against the sportsbooks

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The GamedayMath odds dashboard page listing NFL games with Euclid EV and Best Line data The GamedayMath odds dashboard page listing NFL games with bet analysis data across multiple sportsbooks

GamedayMath Does Your Betting Homework

What is GamedayMath?

GamedayMath is a bettor’s guide to getting an edge against the sportsbooks. It equips you with realtime recommendations on the best bets across many different sports. Use it to find favorable bets across one or more sportsbooks. The more sportsbooks you use, the better chance of finding favorable bets!

How does GamedayMath work?

GamedayMath crunches the data of 50+ sportsbooks to find the best bets. It uses proprietary AI technology to find trends, holes, and edges in the odds. The results are displayed to you on an easy-to-use Odds Dashboard. GamedayMath does the hard work so that picking good bets is easy.

The GamedayMath Picks page on an iPhone listing favorable bets that can be placed across multiple sports and sportsbooks
I used to toggle between apps, sites like ESPN, and personal research to see where the best odds were and find favorable outcomes. GamedayMath has everything in one spot and takes the guessing out of wagering.
Kris Cooper • GamedayMath User

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