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Explaining Euclid EV

March 29, 2023 by Jeff Donchess

Euclid EV is one of the main, and most valuable, features that GamedayMath has to offer. Below, we offer a brief explanation about what Euclid EV is, and how to use it in practice.


Euclid EV is our proprietary system that is designed to help the user of GamedayMath find profitable bets. Euclid EV is curated to each user individually. The value calculates based on the sportsbooks that each user uses in their Best Line.

A reminder that these setting can be found in your My Account menu in the Sportsbook settings. If this is set up correctly, then you should always check the box when you have access to that sports book.

How Does it Work?

The Euclid EV is reliant on two factors, the Nostradamus No-Vig Line and the Best Line (explained above). The Nostradamus No-Vig tells us where the line, without vigorish, is projected to be. This is extremely valuable information. If we have an idea of where the line is going to go, then we can project what bets to make (and how valuable they are expected to be).

How is This Calculated?

The Euclid EV projects the opposite of what the synthetic hold would be for a sports book offering the price.

Let's look at an example:

To calculate the Euclid EV, we would want to compare the Best Line to the Nostradamus No-Vig. One can open any hold calculator that is available across the internet. For the first value, you put in the Best Line price, and for the second value you enter the opposite Nostradamus No-Vig price.

For the Pistons, we find the synthetic hold between +450/-391.5 = -2.21%. Since this value represents the hold for the sports book, we then take the negative of that value to get our Euclid EV. Thus, negative -2.21% = +2.21%

For the Thunder, we find the synthetic hold between -420/391.5 = +1.10%. Then, translated to Euclid EV, we get -1.10%.

How to Use Euclid EV

Simply put, we want to find positive values in Euclid EV. The example below would be considered a VERY strong play. These values are constantly shifting as the odds at your sports books change, so it's important to make decisions and place bets quickly.

Our recommendation would go as follows:

  1. Never place a bet with a negative EV.
  2. The higher the EV, the better. Bets over 3%, like the one above, we'd play very strongly. Bets over 1%, we would play normally. Bets from 0% to 1%, we would look at much more closely to determine if it's worth it.
  3. Always make sure that the line is active and don't place the bet if you end up getting worse odds.

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