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GamedayMath Version 0.0.0 Released

February 27, 2023 by Jeff Donchess
GamedayMath Version 0.0.0 Released

New Features:

  • Sports: NFL, CFB, CFB Extra, CBB, CBB Extra, NBA, NHL, MLB, CFL, XFL
  • Odds: Money Line, Spread, Over/Under
  • Sportsbook List: v 0.0
  • My Sportsbooks: Select the sportsbooks that you'd like to add to your dashboard.
  • Used in Best Line: Select/Unselect the sportsbooks that you'd like to see in the Best Line calculation.
  • Odds Dashboard: A side-by-side comparision of lines at all of the sportsbooks selected from your "My Sportsbooks" screen.
  • Best Line: An algorithmic function which automatically find the best line from your list of sportsbooks.
  • Nostradamus No-Vig Line: Our proprietary formula which calculates where the current no-vig line should be.
  • Euclid EV: A tool which projects the profitability of a bet at the Best Line.

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Welcome to GamedayMath!

February 27, 2023 by Jeff Donchess

Try GamedayMath for Free!

There are no tricks or gimmicks here! You can really try our product for free! GamedayMath is in Beta testing and we need people to test out our features before launch as a subscription site.
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