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Version 1.2 Release

January 10, 2024 by Jeff Donchess

Are you ready for the NFL Playoffs? To enhance your GamedayMath experience, we've rolled out exciting new features on our website just in time for this spectacular season! 🎉

Below are a few of the new changes that have come with Version 1.2.

Improved Picks Page

Our design team listened to a lot of your feedback and focused our efforts on improving the Picks page.

The first addition to the Picks page is that the user can now also filter by bet type. You will now be able to choose between all bet types, money line, spread or totals. This gives you more flexibility in finding the selections that you need.

The second addition is a further marriage between our Picks page and Bet Tracker. Now, all of the bets that you've placed in Bet Tracker will show up in the furthest right column on the Picks page. This will allow you make more informed decisions and help avoid making duplicate bets.

Other Improvements and Bug Fixes

  • Made a few adjustments to make viewing on a tablet more responsive.
  • Fixed a spacing issue on the mobile menu.
  • Made multiple improvements to the Events pages. Users can now scroll over the Nostradamus No-Vig on this page and see what the alternate line no-vigs are.

What's Next?

The main focus of our design and engineering team moving forward is to continue providing value for our Plus subscribers. In the near term, this includes improved database stability. In the long term, this entails a bunch of additional offerings like:

  1. Live Odds: This is next up on our to-do list and should be available by the time March Madness rolls around.
  2. Alternative Lines: See all the lines available from a sports book, not just the main line.
  3. Derivative Lines: 1st Half, 2nd Half, 1st Quarter, etc.
  4. Player Props: This is the most requested feature, but it also requires the most work.
  5. Futures Odds: To Win Super Bowl, To Win World Series, etc.

While there is no current timeframe on every one of these features, you should know that they are in the pipeline and we are excited to get them launched.

Tip of the Day

A lot of users don't realize that they have access to a lot of other sports besides the "Big 6". Under My Account>Account Settings>Leagues, the user is able to add a slew of other leagues to their Odds Dashboard.

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