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Welcome to GamedayMath!

February 27, 2023 by Jeff Donchess

Sports betting continues to explode across the world and we are here to celebrate that! As huge fans of sports, we wanted to create a tool for the full docket of sports bettors. Whether you've never placed a bet before or our a seasoned professional, our site aims to have tools that can help you place a profitable bet!

Here are a list of features that we have either added or hope to add over the next year for everyone:

  • Pascal's Picks: Algorithmic picks tailored specifically for you based on the sportsbooks that you have selected.
  • Odds feeds from over 50 sports books across the world.
  • Basic Odds Dashboard: Our "Starter" pack of an odds dashboard that gives the user access to odds for all the major U.S. based sports.
  • Advanced Odds Dashboard: Our "All-Star" pack of an odds dashboard that has gives access to lines all across the world.
  • Bet Tracker: Advanced analysis of every bet that is made.
  • Best Line: Automatically converts different odds totals to determine which line is the best across multiple sports books.
  • Nostradamus No-Vig Line: Our proprietary algorithm figures out what the true no-vig line should be. This allows the user to find an edge against sports books that are slow to move their lines.
  • Euclid EV: This gives the expected profitability for the best line generated at the books listed on your odds dashboard.

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